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Rare races are released in very limited quantities to keep the numbers down. Most races will be released in sets, 1 female and 1 male, and more will be allowed through their Bloodline as they see fit. Rare races will be auctioned off, their offspring will not be announced but will be in the creation section for anyone with a Level 10 Account, the person that plays the offspring can choose either to follow their parents or go off on their own.

  • You MUST have an open character slot to create a rare race, just purchasing a rare race doesn't give you another character slot. Unless it ascends from a current character like the dragon and affliction races.



2 of each will be released, 1 male, 1 female. All starting at young adult age. Reference: Drac

Chromatic (Evil)
Black Dragon Blue Dragon Green Dragon Red Dragon White Dragon
Yellow Dragon Brown Dragon Orange Dragon Violet Dragon Grey Dragon
Metallic (Good)
Brass Dragon Bronze Dragon Copper Dragon Gold Dragon Silver Dragon
Tin Dragon Iron Dragon Platinum Dragon Mythsteel Dragon Composite Dragon
Gem (Neutral)
Diamond Dragon Emerald Dragon Ruby Dragon Sapphire Dragon Onyx Dragon
Opal Dragon Amethyst Dragon Pearl Dragon Moonstone Dragon Bloodstone Dragon
Space Dragons
Star Dragon Void Dragon Asteroid Dragon Lunar Dragon Solar Dragon


A Clan of 18 each will be released, 3 male and 3 female of each size, Small, Medium, & Large.

Fire Earth Water Air

Other Rare Races

These will be released in clan sizes, 18 at a time, 9 of each sex.

Pixie (M) & Fairy (F) Centaur Satyr Minotaur (Large) Iguanaur Wemic (Large)
Cloud Fire Frost Hill Stone Storm
Titan (Giant)
Doppleganger Treant

First Afflictions

These afflictions will be auctioned off as the First character to have this power and will start the spread of it among the lands.

Vampire Lycanthropy

Divine Ascending

The Angel and Devil are for the creation of possible races like (tiefling) and half-breeds with celestial or demonic blood. One is created by each God from a character in the world.


  • Highest order
    • Seraphim
    • Cherubim
    • Thrones
  • Middle order
    • Dominions
    • Virtues
    • Powers
  • Lowest order
    • Principalities
    • Archangels
    • Angels


Devil (Lawful) Demon (Chaotic)

First Gifted

Spellfire Psionics