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MND or M&D is Muds and Dragons, a D20, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder based MUD Codebase, with gaming enhancements. It is being created with the tabletop old school gamer in mind. It's meant to automate the RPG and allow people to form groups and adventure without having to get together in the same house. There will be much more to come.

Present Staff

Name Account Name Position
Charles T Muerte Designer/Administrator/Coder
Anthony G Arond Administrator/Head Coder
Hope Writer/Play Tester
Gina H Sorrow Writer/Play Tester

Past Staff

Name Nickname Position
Yick Lam Corellon Coder (Base/Spell System)
Eric Lowe Dalsor Coder (Base/skill system)
Chad Simmons Kender Coder (Base/Account/MySQL)
Jim Robinson Flugh Coder (Mentor/MySQL)
Bobby Hicks Rheede Coder (Debug/MySQL)
Ostoles Coder (Original Time System, Moon Phases, BB)
Shalos Coder (Spells)
Joesph Builder/Social
Kevin FirePro Long Term Play Tester/Social
Drasnia Play Tester
Kiku Dream Writer & Play Tester
Chris Parsons Custom Wilderness/Overland System & Custom Object System

Special Thanks

Snippet/Coding Thanks to the following for thier great snippets or on hand code/assistance that alot of the code here is derived from in the original code. Since then, 99% of the code has been change, rewritten or removed all together for a different system.

Special Past Thanks: Flugh (code), Krusader (code), Tasris (debug/code), Cyric (Play Test),Rheede (debug), Kender (code/debug), Chil (assistance), Aspirax (assistance), Dingo (code/help/debug), AK_Bear (code/help)

All these are old Diku/Rom codes that were used when we were ROM based. None of this code is in, but the ideas are and so our thanks continues to go out to them.

Code/Idea Creator (Nickname) Code/Idea Creator (Nickname) Code/Idea Creator (Nickname)
* slay: Gary McNickle (harvest) * bank code: Ian McCormick (Gothar) * cost value: (Rheede)
* ghost: (AsK) * name check: (Snafu) * Time/Year: James Seldon (Pwrdemon)
* Year Name: Bobby Bailey (Chil) * Rent/Marriage * Drowning: Ryouga
* Recent: Quzah * Bleed: Grehyton * Mount: Yago Diaz
* sedit: Erwin S. Andreason * grant: Jaey of Crimson Souls * pwipe: Verias of Shattered Reality
* drunkwalk: Anthony Michael Tregre * pipe: Guiken * vlist: Erwin S. Andreasen
* exlist: Erwin S. Andreasen * for: Erwin S. Andreasen * rename: Andrew Maslin (Thale)
* overland: KaVir