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|PC Log||Construction Log||Bank Log||Spell Log||Craft Log
|PC Log||Construction Log||Bank Log||Spell Log||Craft Log
|Crime Log||Profession Log||Election Log||Level Log
|Crime Log||Profession Log||Election Log||Level Log||[[Deed#Deed_Log|Deed Log]]

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The Log System handles the logging and recording of vital and historical information in the game system. It includes:

Log Types

Staff Log God Log Chat Log Say Log Whisper Log
Tell Log Shout Log Pray Log Bug Log Idea Log
Death Log Kill Log Guild Log Organization Log Union Log
PC Log Construction Log Bank Log Spell Log Craft Log
Crime Log Profession Log Election Log Level Log Deed Log

Communication Log

Handles the Staff Log, God Log, Chat Log, Say Log, Whisper Log, Tell Log, Shout Log, Pray Log.

  • idx
  • comm_type
  • char_id
  • location(map,x,y,z)
  • data
  • data_target
  • date