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Woodworker (noun) 1. A person who works or creates in wood. 2. a worker in wood, as a carpenter, joiner, or cabinetmaker.

The Woodworker is a crafter, one who crafts items in wood. If you want a wood carved item, it all requires an item created by one of these professionals. You must have access to a Lumbermill. Woodworker also creates Musical Instruments, Bows, and Arrows. Most beginners start off as Lumberjacks to support their need for basic wood resources.


Commoner Level: 2
Location: Lumbermill
Tools: Hammer, Chisel, Saw
Stat: Dex
Profession: Woodworker

Items Crafted (Profession Level)

Whittle Carving (1) Statue (2) Barrels (3) Buckets (3)
Arrows (4) Musical Instruments (5) Bolts (6) Bows (7)
Crossbows (8) Composite Bows (9) Wooden RSW (10)

Woodworker Table

Prerequisite (Level) Title Skills
2 1 Lumberjack (1) Woodworker Craft (Wood, Carving), Craft(Wood, Basket), Craft(Wood, Furniture)
3 2 Woodworker (1) Cooper Craft (Container, Wood) - Bucket/Barrel
4 3 Woodworker (2) Luthier Craft (Wood, Musical Instruments/String)
5 4 Woodworker (3) Bowyer / Fletcher Craft (Wood, Arrows), Craft (Wood, Bolts), Craft (Wood, Bows), Craft (Wood, Crossbows), Craft (Wood, Composite Bows)
6 5 Woodworker (4) Master Craft (Wood, Masterwork) / Craft (Wood, RSW)