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Weaver (noun) 1. A person who works or creates with cloth and clothing. 2. a worker in cloth, as a seamstress, or loomer.

The Weaver is a crafter, one who crafts items in cloth and fabrics. If you want a woven item, it all requires an item created by one of these professionals. You must have access to a Weaver. Weaver also creates clothing.


Account Level: 2
Location: Weaver
Tools: Loom, Spinning Wheel,
Stat: XXX
Profession: Weaver

Items Crafted (Profession Level)

Yarn (1) String (1) Cloth (2) Clothing (3) Objects (4)

Weaver Table

Prerequisite (Level) Title Skills
1 1 Craft (Cloth, Yarn), Craft(Cloth, String)
2 2 Weaver (1) Weaver Craft (Cloth, Cloth) Rope
3 3 Weaver (2) Seamstress Craft (Cloth, Clothing)
4 4 Weaver (3) Craft (Cloth, Objects)
5 5 Weaver (4) Master Seamstress, Weaver Craft (Cloth, Master)