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Union (noun) 1. An association of persons of the same Professions, especially one formed for mutual advancement, training, aid or protection.

  • You can have up to 3 like Professions in the same Union.

See Also: Union System, Headquarters, Professions

Like Professions

Union Type

  • PRIVATE - In a private Union (One that is built and established by a player character), they are automatically Supervisor and cannot be removed from the seat. They may appoint someone else to the role at any time, and remove them at anytime.
  • PUBLIC - In a public Union, the Supervisor position is elected by the Union members, and any Union member of sufficient rank may challenge for the leadership of the Union. When an election is wanted, any member of sufficient rank may put their name up for the position and all active members will be able to vote for the one they want. An election may not be held more than once every 4 years.

Union Requirements

  • Professions - Must be of a certain profession(s)
  • Registration Fee - One time fee to enter the union
  • Dues - fee that is due each new year

Some Unions may require other things.

Optional Requirements

  • Race Restriction
  • Item Contribution
  • Ability Requirement
  • Skill Requirement
  • Alignment Restriction
  • Profession Level Requirement
  • Commoner Level Requirement

Default Ranks

  • 10 Supervisor
  • 9 Master
  • 8 Gifted
  • 7 Advanced
  • 6 Experienced
  • 5 Intermediate
  • 4 Adept
  • 3 Novice
  • 2 Apprentice
  • 1 Recruit
  • 0 Pledge