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Real Time Game Time
5 mins 1 hour
120 mins (2 hrs) 1 day
60 hrs (2 1/2 days) 1 month
720 hrs (30 days)<*> 1 year
7200 hrs (300 days)<*> 1 decade

<*>Approximate Time, Give or take a few hours based on longer months and special events.


There are 24 hours in a day. There are 10 days in a week. There are 30 days (3 weeks) in a month. There are 12 Months (36 weeks / 360 days) in a year.


Month Season Holiday
Ianus Winter New Years 1st
Februarius Winter Cupids Day 14th
Martius Spring Leprecauns Day 17th
Aprilis Spring Easter 10th
Maia Spring Mother's Day 10th
Iunius Summer Father's Day 20th
Iulius Summer Battle Day 4th
Ales Summer Magic Day 13th
Septembris Autumn Labor Day 1st
Octobris Autumn Halloween 30st
Novembris Autumn Feast Day 25th
Decembris Winter Gift Day 25th

Moon Phases

new moon waxing crescent moon first quarter moon waxing gibbous moon
New Moon First Quarter Moon
full moon waning gibbous moon third quarter moon waning crescent moon
Full Moon


  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn


All Plants and living items have a growth rate, this is calculated daily with an accumulating percentage chance for it to progress or produce more.


Age is the current age of the object or person from the date created. All things decay and will eventually succumb to the elements if they do nothing to resist the affect.