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The Illumin were the penultimate creation of the twin god and goddess: blessed but not totally refined in their appearance, they resemble under dwellers, particularly in their paleness, but are much stockier. They are caretakers of the land and the inhabitants thereof, repairing and restoring good, life and balance. From them the divine magics flow naturally, and they have a special bond with their divine. Once chosen, they will never stray. Those rare few that have were disintegrated, their souls chained in limbo forever.


A fey is a fairy or pixie creature with supernatural abilities and connections to nature or to some other force or place. Fey are usually human-shaped with males being pixie and females fairy. Often winged, small, and ethereal, they escape notice unless they mean not to! Mysterious in nature, they often inhabit woodlands and, more often than not, are interested in preserving or controlling a particular aspect of their surroundings. Subraces include fairy, pixie, fornit, gnap, centaur, and satyr.


Typically referring to various breeds mixed with humans, these beings are often an unholy mix resulting from captured fair maidens. Often rejected by both humans and those of their other lineage, many live a life of solitude or only among other half-breeds. Those with orcish lineage have the grotesqueness of their features attenuated by their human heredity, but their demeanor is not necessarily so softened, although some manage to live their lives peacefully.


One of the first intelligent races created and blessed by the twin god and goddess, giants are humanoid creatures of great strength and size. The Giants live a social and peaceful life among themselves and create wealthy, expansive communities. But they don't get along with the other races, especially the dwarves. Their abilities vary based on the type. There are normal giants, storm- and fire-type, and the brutal, yet beautiful, amazon women.


Also one of the first intelligent races created by the twin god and goddess, they quickly went astray, causing mayhem in Opes. Burning forests, slaughtering animals, and destroying the peace of Opes brought on them great condemnation from Macha, the goddess of death and rebirth. Cursed with hideousness and stench, they roam the lands seeking selfish gratification and destruction of what is pure. The race consists of goblins, orcs, ogres, and ogre mages.