Special Landmarks

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Special structures are unique and limited, very few will be available and they will not be advertised, only given with a new Kingdom or City or will show available here. They have innate powers and abilities that aide citizens and visitors. Only 1 Special can be constructed per decade in any community.

Special Landmarks

Tower of Eon

  • Cannot be purchased, only selected with a new Kingdom. Moves as new Kingdoms are founded.
  • Blesses all who pass through it for 1 month
  • Fast HP Regeneration
  • +1 HP when leveling inside while being taught by another player.

Regalis Coliseum

  • Cannot be purchased. Coliseum is moved every year to a different community Town size or larger.
  • Viewing Area to watch as events are going on
  • Grand Arena of Tournaments
    • Chariot Races
    • Gambling Parlor
    • Jousting
  • Annual Event held
  • Decade Event held

Mirror of Reflection

  • 350 Gold Crowns
  • Every month Mirror reflects a different Special Landmark at random
  • DOES NOT mirror or reflect Tower of Eon or Regalis Coliseum

Hourglass of Time

Fountain of Youth

  • 300 Gold Crowns
  • Can only use once every 3 years
  • The year you use, you lose a year of physical age.

Oblisque of Battle

  • 250 Gold Crowns
  • Border and Battlefield Bonus
  • War stuff

The Sun Dial

  • 200 Gold Crowns
  • Permanent Globe of Daylight
  • Destroys Undead
  • Cannot be in the same community as the Graveyard of Ancients
  • Illuminates the whole community at all times, casting away all shadows, even at night.

Graveyard of the Ancients

  • 200 Gold Crowns
  • Permanent Natural Darkness
  • Lyncanthropes always in Hybrid or Animal Form in this Communities
  • Bonus to Undead in Area
  • Cannot be in the same community as The Sun Dial
  • Covers  the whole community in darkness at all times, casting away all light above a torch, even during the day.

Hanging Grove

Golden Blacksmith

  • 150 Gold Crowns
  • Crafting Materials Cut by 10% within the community

Library of Lore

  • 150 Gold Crowns
  • +5 on all Knowledge Checks
  • +5 on all Intelligence Checks
  • +5 on all Research Checks
  • Included at any Educational Building in the community

Big Blue the Ox

Spring de Fortunae

  • 150 Gold Crowns
  • Cha bonus for bathing
  • Water fertilized for farms

Garden of Nuggs

Crystal Pyramid

Regalis Zoo

  • 100 Gold Crowns
  • Offers access to animals that are captured randomly.

Tree of Plenty

  • 100 Gold Crowns
  • Grants a random fruit a month to all who pick from it

Warlock Mountain

  • 100 Gold Crowns
  • Grants a random ore a month to all who mine rock from it.

Witch Mountain

  • 100 Gold Crowns
  • Grants a random gem a month to all who mine rock from it.

Sphere of Magic

  • 100 Gold Crowns
  • Boosts the DC of the spell school of the sphere for 1 month for all casters who study or meditate inside
  • 1 for each School of Magic
  • +1 for researching spells of the school