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Trails can be created just by constant travel across the terrain by many people constantly and Paths can be created by clearing areas of debris. The others are created by an Architect, they turn a Path using stones into a cobblestone Road. To take it a step further the Architect can use brick and create a Highway. Should the time come and the investment in creation, the rumors of a Railroad is said to exist as well.

Route Types

  • Trail (Simple made by constant travel)
  • Path (Formed by removal of all obstacles manually)
  • Road (Built with the use of stones) Requires an Architect
  • Highway (Built with use of bricks) Requires an Architect
  • Railroad (Built with use of iron and wood) Requires a Master Architect

Special Route Types

  • Tunnel - Requires a Architect
  • Minehead or Mineshaft - Requires a Architect or Master Miner
  • Bridge (Built to cross waters or low valleys) - Requires a Master Architect