Resource Process

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Raw Refined Processed Profession Needed
Tree Log Wood Lumberjack
Wood Lumber Lumberjack
Rock with Gem Gem & Rock Miner
Gem Gemstone Jewel Gemcutter
Rock with Ore Ore & Rock Miner
Ore Bullion Miner
Rock Brick Stoneworker
Cotton Seed Cotton Plant Cotton Farmer
Cotton Yarn Clothing Weaver
Worm Silk Yarn Farmer, Weaver
Fleece Wool Yarn animal handler, Weaver
Clay Brick Potter
Sand Glass Glassblower
Clay Clay Objects Potter
Yarn Cloth Clothing, Other Items Weaver
Brick Building Architect
Lumber Building Architect
Wood Wood Craft Woodworker
Bullion Metal Craft Weapons, Armor metalworker, weaponsmith, armorer
Brick Stone Craft stoneworker, art