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These references have a lot of data that was researched while developing the codebase, you should support Wizards of the Coast, TSR and its writers by picking up these reference manuals and enjoy the tabletop gaming experience. More resources will be added as the codebase expands with features, races, classes, and more. The system is customized around the D20 System, used by Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition and Pathfinder.

Reference IDs

Dungeons & Dragons 3.0/3.5

REF ID D&D Reference Manuals

  • PHB Player's Handbook
  • DMG Dungeon Master's Guide
  • MM Monster Manual
  • AEG Arms & Equipment Guide
  • BED The Book of Exalted Deeds
  • BVD The Book of Vile Darkness
  • CAd Complete Adventurer
  • CA Complete Arcane
  • CC Complete Champion
  • CD Complete Divine
  • CM Complete Mage
  • CP Complete Psionic
  • CS Complete Scoundrel
  • CW Complete Warrior
  • DMG2 Dungeon Master's Guide 2
  • Drac Draconomicon
  • DS Dungeonscape
  • ELHB Epic Level Handbook
  • LM Libris Mortis
  • MM2 Monster Manual 2
  • MM3 Monster Manual 3
  • PSI:HB Psionics Handbook
  • SHBG Stronghold Builders Guide

Pathfinder 1ED

REF ID Pathfinder Reference Manuals

  • PFCB Pathfinder Core Book
  • ACG Advance Class Guide
  • APG Advance Players Guide
  • ARG Advance Race Guide
  • GMG GameMastery Guide
  • B1 Bestiary
  • B2 Bestiary 2
  • B3 Bestiary 3
  • B4 Bestiary 4
  • B5 Bestiary 5
  • B6 Bestiary 6
  • HA Horror Adventures
  • UCa Ultimate Campaign
  • UCo Ultimate Combat
  • UE Ultimate Equipment
  • UM Ultimate Magic
  • UW Ultimate Wilderness