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The Quiz System is a world wide game system where the divine and other approved quizmasters may run a trivia game. All in the world may participate, it may cost and entry fee and always gives a prize to the top 3 winners. There are 2 different kinds of quizzes; multiple choice or open question.

Quiz Types

Multiple Choice

Choose A, B, C, or D answer for the question.

  • Question
  • Answer
  • 3 Wrong Answers.

Open Question

Type in the answer to the question.

  • Question
  • Answer

Quiz Commands


  • QUIZMASTER ANNOUNCE <message> - show the quiz announcement message and open up for players to join
  • QUIZMASTER FEE <cost> - cost to join quiz: coins, crowns, nothing
  • QUIZMASTER <1ST/2ND/3RD> <name> - awards winner with place setting
  • QUIZMASTER PRIZE <1/2/3> <number> <item> - objects, coins, or crowns may be given away.
  • QUIZMASTER TIMER <number> - sets the number in seconds on how long after a question is displayed for a choice to be made. (faster time keeps people from being able to google or research answers)
  • QUIZMASTER DISPLAY <ANSWER/QUESTION> <id> - show question and answer(s) (if multiple choice)
  • QUIZMASTER LIST - Show list of programmed quizzes
  • QUIZMASTER LOAD <id> - loads a premade quiz by id number

Create Quiz

Must have QUIZMASTER flag to run/access the quiz area

  • QUIZ NEW - create new quiz
  • QUIZ LOAD <id> - loads a premade quiz by id number
  • QUIZ <id> TITLE <title> - Sets the quiz title
  • QUIZ <id> INFO - show info about that quiz
  • QUIZ <id> SHOW - show question list for that quiz
  • QUIZ <id> TYPE - Multiple/Question
  • QUIZ <id> ADDQ <question> - add question to the quiz
  • QUIZ <id> ADDA <qid> <answer> - add answer to question
  • QUIZ <id> REMQ <qid> - remove question from the quiz
  • QUIZ <id> REMA <qid> <aid> - remove answer to question
  • QP <number> - set quiz points for current question

Player Commands

  • QUIZ JOIN - join your player to the quiz
  • QUIZ FEE PAY - pay fee after you join to add you to current quiz
  • QUIZ <IGNORE/SHOW> - allows players to not see the quiz scroll if they aren't playing.
  • QA <answer> - set your answer for the current question
  • QC <name> - award points for correct answer to name
  • QSHOW - reshow the current question
  • QLIST - show the current players and scores
  • QSTATUS - show current quiz info, fee, etc.

Quiz Tables


  • quiz_id
  • quiz_name
  • quiz_description
  • quiz_type
  • quiz_creator
  • quiz_ran


  • idx
  • quiz_id
  • question_id
  • answer_true
  • answer_false1
  • answer_false2
  • answer_false3
  • answer_points


  • idx
  • quiz_name
  • quiz_date
  • quizmaster
  • quiz_1st
  • quiz_2nd
  • quiz_3rd
  • quiz_players
  • real_date