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The Profession or Commoner Class is the oil that makes the wheel of the world move. Without the professions nothing in the world can be manipulated. It is how resources are gathered and altered and crafted into the various tools and survival items, as well as the luxuries that make the world worth living. Want to be an adventurer? How you going to battle without a blacksmith making you a weapon? Without an armorer making that platemail? Without a cook to prepare you some vittles? Without a weaver for the clothing and backpack for travel? All need to give to the world, or no one will make it very long.

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Commoner Professions (Account Level)

Account Level is the minimum account level needed for a character to learn that profession (You can also purchase professions above your Account Level using Copper Crowns & Gold Crowns). You will always be able to gain levels in any profession you know as you level in the Class Commoner as available. Professions range in levels from 5-10 from beginner to Master. Most professions have a Master level and is required for Masterwork Items of that Profession. This limitation is to keep the market from being flooded with professions that require support professions that are overlooked. We cannot do very well with 1,000 Weaponsmith if there is no Miner.

Professions Table