Object System

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Dynamic Object System. To allow for items to have multiple uses and types, the object system is designed to allow any feature to be put on any item.


Table : object_data

Column Type Comment
object_id int(11) NULL
name char(100) NULL
string_or_int char(1) NULL
value char(150) NULL
idx int(11) Auto Increment

Table : object_link

Column Type Comment
idx int(11) Auto Increment
id int(11) NULL
template_id int(11) NULL

Table : object_main

Column Type Comment
idx int(10) Auto Increment
object_id int(10) NULL
object_name varchar(20) NULL
object_noun varchar(20) NULL
object_stack bool
object_group bool
object_plural varchar(21) NULL
object_quantity int(5) NULL
object_base_value int(5) NULL
object_size int(2) NULL
object_weight int(5) NULL
object_type char
object_subtype char