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Miner (noun) 1. Also called mineworker. a person who works in a mine, producing rock, coal, gems, metallic ores and more.

The Miner is one of the beginning professions needed for existence, they gather the rock, ore and gem commodities by mining various quarries and Mountains, refining ore and gems. Without the stone, metal, and gem resource, 90% of all objects, including tools would not exist. The Architect profession uses stone and ore in most building walls and most tools have a metal component or head.

There is also the Metalworker, Blacksmith, Armorer, and Weasponsmith professions that takes the raw material and creates anything from tools, weapons, and armors. The Gemcutter and Jeweler profession also require the Ores and Gems resource to apply their trade, making the Miner one of the most important backbones of survival and expansion in a MND world.


Account Level: 1
Location: Mountain, Quarry, or Mineshaft
Tools: Pick, Hammer, Chisel
Stat: Str

Miner Table

Title Skills Commands
0 0 Survival (Gatherer, Material, Rock) Mine Rock - Horizontal Mining
1 1 Miner Survival (Gatherer, Material, Quarry) Quarry - Vertical Mining
2 2 Miner 1 Ore Miner Survival (Gatherer, Material, Ore) Mine Ore, Refine Ore, Smelt Ore
3 3 Miner 2 Gem Miner Survival (Gatherer, Material, Gem) Mine Gems, Refine Gems
4 4 Miner 3 Rare Rock
5 5 Miner 4 Master Miner Rare Ores, Gems, Shore Tunnel, Excavate Tunnel (Minehead or Mineshaft)