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Lumberjack (noun) 1. a person whose work involves felling trees, transporting the timber, etc

The Lumberjack is one of the beginning professions needed for existence, they gather the wood resource by chopping down trees, sawing logs, and planing boards. Without the wood resource, 90% of all objects, including tools would not exist. The Architect profession uses wood in most building frames and most tools have a wooden component or handle.

There is also the Woodworker profession that takes the raw material and creates anything from carvings to statues. The Woodworker profession also require the wood resource to apply their trade in fletching and bow making, making the lumberjack one of the most important backbones of survival and expansion in a MND world.


Account Level: 1
Location: Forest and Lumbermill
Tools: Saw and Axe
Stat: Dexterity
Profession: Lumberjack

Lumberjack Commands

Lumberjack Table

Prerequisite (Level) Title Skills
0 0 Fell Tree, Log Tree
1 1 Lumberjack Saw Log (Create a Board)
2 2 Lumberjack 1 Laminate Board (Creates lumber)
3 3 Lumberjack 2
4 4 Lumberjack 3
5 5 Lumberjack 4 Master Lumberjack Craft(Lumber, Masterwork)