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MND supports multiple languages. This means that things you hear and read are susceptible to language or decoding skills or spells.

If you know the language it appears as:

  • A male elf (1234) says 'How are you today' in common.

If you don't know the language it appears as:

  • A male elf (1234) says 'Lfa wet oma bagya' in an unknown language.

Language Table

Language Rarity
Abysmal rare
Aquatic rare
Angelic Unique
Arcane rare
Celestial rare
Centaur rare
Common common
Demonic rare
Drider rare
Draconic rare
Druidic unique
Dwarven common
Elven common
Feyian rare
Fiendish rare
Giant uncommon
Sacrosanctic Unique<*>
Goblinoid uncommon
Halfling common
Infernal rare
Minotaur rare
Orcish uncommon
Sign Language unique
Sylvan uncommon
Thieves Cant unique
Treant rare
Undercommon uncommon
Underelven uncommon
Underdwarven uncommon
Underhalfling uncommon
Wemic rare

<*> Only an Sacrosanct born can know Sacrosanctic language, it cannot be taught or learned.