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Jeweler (noun) 1. A person who designs, makes, sells, or repairs jewelry, watches, etc.; a person who deals in jewels.

The Jeweler is a crafter, one who crafts items of jewelry. If you want a Ring +1 or Headband of Intelligence or even a Necklace of Missiles, it all requires an item created by one of these professionals. You must have access to a Jeweler Building.


Account Level: 9
Location: Jeweler
Tools: Jeweler Kit
Profession: Jeweler

Items Crafted (Profession Level)

Armband (2) Bracelet (2) Brooch (1) Earrings (1) Fillet (4)
Crown (4) Circlet (4) Locket (3) Necklace (3) Pendant (3)
Ring (1) Torc (3)

Jeweler Table

Prerequisite (Level) Title Skills
10 1 Metalworker (1) Jeweler Perception (Appraise, Jewelry), Craft (Jewelry, Rings-Brooch)
11 2 Jeweler (1), Metalworker (2) Craft (Jewelry, Arms)
12 3 Jeweler (2), Metalworker (3) Craft (Jewelry, Neck)
13 4 Jeweler (3), Metalworker (4) Craft (Jewelry, Head)
14 5 Jeweler(4), Metalworker (5) Master Jeweler Craft (Jewelry, Masterwork)