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Hunter (noun) 1. A person who hunts game or other wild animals for food or in sport.

The Hunter is one of the beginning professions needed for existence, they gather the main proteins that 90% of most people eat for nourishment. Without food and protein you would die. The Cook profession uses the hunted meats for many meals.

There is also the Leatherworker and Weaver professions that takes the hides and makes leather to craft into many other great items from boots and belts to backpacks and armors. The Hunter is another one of the most important backbones of survival and in a MND world.

A 1st Level Hunter is a Fisherman, they have the skills and abilities to fish for fresh meat.


Account Level: 1
Location: Pond, River, or Ocean
Tools: Fishing Pole
Stat: Dex

Hunter Table

Title Skills
0 0 Fisherman Survival (Gatherer, Food, Fish)
1 1 Butcher Survival (Nature, Handle Creature, Skin),
Survival (Nature, Handle Creature, Butcher)
2 2 Hunter 2 Hunter, Tracker Survival (Nature, Handle Creature, Hunt), Survival (Nature, Handle Creature, Track)
3 3 Hunter 3 Survival (Nature, Handle Creature, Disect)
4 4 Hunter 4 Master Tracker Survival (Nature, Handle Creature, Locate)
5 5 Hunter 5 Master Hunter Survival (Nature, Handle Creature, Master)