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MND is a personal/indie project of Muerte's since 1999 of work and design. Arond joined the ranks almost 2 decades ago and has been an integral part of the team in both coding ability, server management and administration, and the many ideas we could squeeze out of him and his past history of MUD development. Others have come and gone over the years, some got hired to produce certain pieces of code or website software to support the creation of such a game and system.

With all this and the costs incurred before the game is able to open and turn into a self-supporting entity it still takes the consideration, time, and contributions of others and for this we post the following. Nothing is promised or guaranteed for help working on this project other than your name will accompany it as a contributor. Other considerations will be made and given to some as in-game perks to financial consideration when able to do so.

Positions Wanted


To me this is the most important, while it's easy to come up with the data and system, it's hard to fill in all the text it takes to make a great game come alive. While in MMORPGs this is handled by graphics, and overabundance of colors, in a text game it is handled by words, and great writings that the involved player will take note of and remember.


Next to the text needed for both the website and game in general. Images are needed for the website, i'd like to get one particular artist to do all of an area so it's matching. But each area can be generated by separate artists. Areas include: Character Races, Objects, Communities (Kingdom, City, Village), Topic Titles, Web Categories, and others.

Play Testers

One of the most important helper in the game world is the play tester. These are the people that try to do everything and test everything to make sure that it all works. They will be given advanced access to skills and abilities to make sure they work as needed and there is no bugs or exploits in the operation.

Web Support

Knowledge of CSS, PHP, MySQL. Mainly for theme and layout design for the hosted website. Possibly programming some features for it, including web based OLC system.

If you are interested in contributing in any way, feel free to contact webmaster @ mudsanddragons . com

Thank you,

MND Team