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The Exchange System handles the buying and selling of resources in all stages of process and refinement, but not crafted. You can sell or buy multiple items or individual items for a set price. The price is always set in copper, so if you want items to be more you must use the calculated denomination. I.E. BUY 100 WOOD would buy 100 wood, SELL 100 WOOD would sell 100 wood. SHOP BUY shows the rates that an Exchange buys a resource and SHOP SELL tells their selling rates.

  • They can hold up to 20,000 resources per level
  • They can hold up to 10,000 total coins per level.

See Also: Exchange Building

Exchange Data

  • idx
  • exchange_id
  • resource_id
  • resource_buy[3] - amount, price, max
  • resource_sale[3] - amount, price, min
  • resource_quantity

Exchange Table

  • exchange_id
  • exchange_name
  • exchange_owner
  • exchange_description
  • exchange_location
  • exchange_level
  • exchange_capacity
  • exchange_coins[4] - pp, gp, sp, cp

Exchange Commands

Owner Commands Syntax Notes
EXCHANGE exchange buy <RESOURCE> limit <NUMBER> buy no more than this amount
exchange sell <RESOURCE> limit <NUMBER> sell all except this amount
exchange buy <AMOUNT> <RESOURCE> for <PRICE> set buy price and amount for resource
exchange sell <AMOUNT> <RESOURCE> for <PRICE> set sell price and amount for resource
exchange remove <AMOUNT> <RESOURCE> remove amount of resource
exchange add <AMOUNT> <RESOURCE> add amount of resource
exchange remove <AMOUNT> <COINTYPE> remove amount of coins
exchange add <AMOUNT> <COINTYPE> add amount of coins
User Commands Syntax Notes
SELL sell <AMOUNT> <RESOURCE> Sell an amount of resource to the exchange
BUY buy <AMOUNT> <RESOURCE> Buy an amount of resource from the exchange

Exchange Log

  • idx
  • exchange_id
  • char_id
  • transaction type - exchange, buy, sell, add, remove, deposit, withdraw
  • amount
  • resource
  • value
  • date