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Deed is created by a Scribe and used by the Government to control the ownership of lands.

  • Purchased in communities from estate office for plots of land
  • All buildings must touch a route
  • No building may touch another building
  • Farmland must be touching other farmland or a residential building.
  • All locations of the Deed must be touching each other without a gap

Deed Commands

DEED CREATE creates a new dead # Government Scribe creates a basic deed. [Quill, Ink, Parchment or Paper]
DEED ADD LOCATION <type> Official Government Scribe must have deed in hand. Can add up to 16 locations per deed. [Quill, Ink, Deed]
DEED REMOVE LOCATION Official Government Scribe must have deed in hand to augment [Quill, Ink, Deed]
DEED MAP Shows view-able/5x5 map shown as D - Owned Deed, d - unowned deed, or x - no deed
  • Types: Residential, Industrial, Trade, Entertainment, Education, Religion, Farm, Open, or Specific Building Type.

Deed Table

  • idx
  • deed_id
  • deed_map
  • deed_x
  • deed_y
  • deed_z
  • deed_zone - residential, industrial, educational, trade, religious, farm, open, building type

Deed Data

  • deed_id
  • deed_map - community
  • deed_owner
  • deed_group
  • deed_value
  • deed_last_10_owner

Deed Log

  • idx
  • deed_id
  • char_id
  • action - created, location added, location removed, bought, sold
  • message
  • game_date
  • real_date