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MND is a "Permadeath" system, meaning that your character can technically die forever. When a character dies, be it by PK or a NPK they assume Ghost Form. In Ghost Form you may not enter combat, gain hit points, cast spells or handle objects in anyway (no eating, gettting equipment etc...). You will only remain in Ghost Form for a small amount of time on the mortal plane, after that time you will be cast to the land of the dead, to be judged and collected by your deity. If you do not follow a deity, you may be damned to a life in the limbo of non-existence.

To return to life

  1. Use Resurrection Points
  2. Seek out a CLERIC of sufficient level that possess the "resurrect" or "raise dead" spell, and can speak with the dead, preferably of the same RELIGION you are.
  3. Seek out a MAGE or DRUID of sufficient level that possess the "reincarnate" spell and the ability to speak with the dead.
  4. Pray for life (Only once per death, and only suggested if you have had good followings in a RELIGION). Body must be wearing the holy symbol or Body and/or Ghost must be in an altar room of a church.

Resurrection Points

  • Character Level 1-3 have unlimited resurrection points, you will be teleported to your home morgue (If they have one) if you die, and lose a quarter your experience to the previous level, or if you're below a quarter level, you lose all but 1 xp above your current level.
  • 4th level, you have the same number of resurrection points as your constitution and lose half the experience to the previous level, or if you're below half level, you lose all but 1 xp above your current level. If you're below quarter your experience you lose a level.
  • Gain a Resurrection Point for every level up on Commoner levels.
  • Once those are exhausted you must seek the other means of life and suffer the level and/or constitution loss with each following return to life.
  • Buy Resurrection Points with Gold Crowns


  • Your corpse, along with the everything on it drop to the location that you died in.
  • A corpse will decompose after a substantial amount of time.
  • A player corpse can be looted by ANYONE.
  • A player in Ghost Form can NOT speak normally and only may be communicated with through a speak with dead or similar magical means. You can understand all languages you could during life though.
  • At Midnight all players in Ghost Form are drawn back to their body, unless trapped elsewhere.