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Cook (noun) 1. A person who prepares (food) by the use of heat, as by boiling, baking, or roasting.

The Cook is one of the beginning professions needed for existence, they prepare the main proteins from Hunters that 90% of most people eat for nourishment. Without food and protein you would die. The Cook profession uses the hunted meats for many meals.

The Cook can also prepare fruits, vegetables, pastries, rations, and preserves for travel and feasts. The better quality of ingredients and training of the Cook results in a more nourishing and fulfilling meal to the consumer.

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Account Level: 1
Location: Kitchen or Fire
Tools: Pot or Pan
Attribute: Int

Cook Table

Prerequisite (Level) Title Skills
0 0 Survival (Food, Grill)
1 1 Cook Survival (Food, Cook) Mill Grain
2 2 Cook 1 Butcher Survival (Nature, Handle Creature, Skin)
Survival (Nature, Handle Creature, Butcher)
3 3 Cook 2 Survival (Food, Preserve)
4 4 Cook 3 Chef Craft (Food, Prepare)
5 5 Cook 4, Scribe 1 Craft (Book, Cookbook)
6 6 Cook 5 Master Chef Craft (Food, Master)