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Colorator (noun) 1. A person who mixes dyes, pigments, paints, and other concoctions for coloring cloths, making art, inks, make-up, and more.

The Colorator is a mixer, one who mixes items of color. If you want a RED shirt or to paint a portrait or residence blue it all requires a base created by one of these professionals. They also create tattoo inks and makeup for enhancements for women and disguises fr all. They must have access to a Apothocary. The main sources of color are from flowers, special ones come from Ores and Gems and other rarer resources. These are mixed with oils, alcohols, minerals, and other ingredients depending on the use.


Account Level: 4
Location: Apothocary
Tools: Dye Kit
Profession: Colorator

Items Crafted (Professions Level)

Writing Inks (1) Clothing Dyes (2) Paints (3) Makeup (4)
Tattoo Ink (4)

Colorator Table

Prerequisite (Level) Title Skills
4 1 Colorator Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple
5 2 Colorator (1) Cyan, Magenta, Chartreuse, Violet, Azure, Rose, Vermilion, Teal
6 3 Colorator (2) Metallic Colors (Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
7 4 Colorator (3) Gems Colors
8 5 Colorator (4) Master Colorator Clear