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Coins are the basis for most trade throughout the world, they come in 4 denominations. Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Copper Ores are minted into Coins. Not only for their monetary value and rarity, but for their ability to be minted and weathered throughout time. They do not corrode like other metals, and are unaffected by many negative affects which gives them additional value.

  • Coins are minted in a Bank by a Minter
  • Coins weigh 100 to a pound, which is why it's beneficial to exchange for higher valued coins, rather than carrying around thousands in copper.
  • 1,000 Coins fit in a normal pouch and weigh 10 pounds full.

Coin Values

1 Platinum = 10 Gold = 100 Silver = 1000 Copper
1 Gold = 10 Silver = 100 Copper
1 Silver = 10 Copper
1 Copper