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Building Costs

  • Buildings may also be purchased in game from those selling their buildings in a real estate office.
  • Construction
    • The Gold Crowns cost is to acquire a Permit and build NEW buildings.
    • You are required to have a Deed from a community to acquire the location and type allowed for your building, if available in the real estate office.
    • You must also have the in-game resources to build the building
    • You must have coin requirement for Construction of the building
    • Architect must complete the Construction
  • Tools
    • All Industrial Buildings need tools, tools need to be replenished. Tools are created by the Blacksmith.
    • The owner can see how many tools are available.
    • If no tools are available, patrons will be told and will not be charged and cannot use the facilities, unless they have their own tools available.
  • Fees & Taxes
    • All Buildings pay taxes to their hosting community. (% of fees)
    • Fee for use, equipment only. Must bring own ingredients and containers.
  • Levels
    • +10 Crowns per level (Up to 10) - Industrial Buildings
    • Must have same level as required by commoner class to do skill. I.E. Must be 10th level to do Masterwork.
  • When used as a room type, it may only be used by the building owner or group (Guild, Union, etc) and costs 75% price and equipment.
  • Upgrades
    • Anyone can donate Gold Crowns to a building to be used for upgrades.<*>
      • Only the Owner may apply usage of the Gold Crowns
      • <*>Contributing your Crowns to an education or any facility is considered a gift and your character will receive nothing more than credit for the deed.

Building Types

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