Adoption System

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Anyone in a Bloodline may adopt as many below them as they have Account Level (As approved by active patriarch). Remember having a big Bloodline isn't always the best thing, a rotten apple can spoil the bunch, and once in a family, you're always in that family; except for Marriage.

  • If someone you adopt dies or quits playing you do not regain the adoption spot, so choose your family carefully.
  • Must be 10 years older or more than the person you're adopting
  • Adoption is the ability to add someone without a Bloodline to your Bloodline.

Adoption Commands

  • ADOPT <name> <relationship> <reason>
  • ADOPT APPROVE <name> (Only the Matriarch or Patriarch can approve someone in a Bloodline from Adoption)<*>
  • ADOPT DENY <name> <reason>


  • Child below you (Limited to Charisma Modifier)

<*>Birthed Children are added at random without approval