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Please Enter Your Account Name (This is not your character name).

Confirm Account Name.

Please Enter Your E-mail Address (Account needs to be verified with an e-mail account, it is also used for password resets if you forget your password.)

Confirm E-mail.

Please Enter Your Password (6-20 Characters, Upper & Lower Case, Numbers Allowed, No Symbols)

Confirm Password.

Enter System/Menu (Allow 1 week for account to be activated, before it is disabled do to nonverification. When disabled only option should be ‘resend verify e-mail’)

I. Account System

 a.	Login
 b.	Account Level
   i.	What features are open during creation
   ii.	1 MNDP per level to add a new slot. 
 c.	Subscribed 
   i.	Yes – character gains experience past 3rd class level
   ii.	No – character doesn’t gain experience past 3rd class level
 d.	Main Menu
   i.	Account Slots
     1.	How many characters can be in an account
   ii.	Make New Character (CharGen)
     1.	if total characters are less than character slots available
  iii.	Use active character
     1.	Only 1 character may be active at any 1 time
   iv.	Retire character
     1.	Once a character is retired it can’t be played again for 7 days.
     2.	If all characters are retired, you may activate a character that has been retired for longer than 7 days or make a new character if you have slots available.
   v.	Delete character
   vi.	Password Change
   vii.	Upgrade Account 
     1.	# MNDP needed to upgrade
     2.	Time until next upgrade allowed or Last Upgrade date (1 month)
   viii.	gold crowns
   ix.	Logout

II. Account Table

 a.	Account Name
 b.	Account Password
   i.	Encrypted
 c.	Account E-Mail
   i.	Verification Required for Password Reset
 d.	Account Created Date
 e.	Account Last Login Date
 f.	Account Updated Date
 g.	Account Last 5 IPs
 h.	Account Level
   i.	Character Slots
 j.	Subscription Status 
 i.	Status - Yes, No, Lifetime
 k.	Subscription End Date
   i.	When date hits, change Subscription Status to No
 l.	Gold Crowns