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The political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states; direction of the affairs of a state, community, etc.; political administration.


The Senate is the group of 9 department heads of a Community that control and guide their Departments for the betterment of the Community.

1. Academia - Professions, Class, Prestige Class 2. Commerce - Resources, Trade 3. Defense - Military, Wars
4. Executive - Planning, Scribes, Deed 5. Foreign Affairs - Borders, Alliances, Wars, Citizenship 6. Justice - Guards, Laws
7. Labor - Buildings, Routes, Employment 8. Religion - Divine Buildings 9. Treasury - Taxes, Budget



There is an election held every 5 years, at which time anyone holding high enough citizenship can be put on the ballot for President, Vice-President, and Ambassador. You may only be on the ballot for 1 position in any given election. Special elections may be held for dormant positions after 1 year of dormancy or when someone resigns. There are no term-limits, shall a person win an election, they serve another term.

Position Vote Income Candidacy
President 35% 3% Elected
Vice-President 20% 2% Elected
Ambassador 45% 1% 9 Elected
Citizen 0% 0% Citizen in Community (divided among the # of active voters)


All Emissary hold their position until challenged for an election. There are no time or term-limits, shall a person win an election, they serve another term. A challenge can only be made against an Emissary once every 4 years.

Position Vote Income Candidacy
Supreme Emissary 10% 2% Appointed (From the Emissary Elected 9)
Emissary 1 10% 2% Elected
Emissary 2 10% 2% Elected
Emissary 3 10% 2% Elected
Emissary 4 10% 2% Elected
Emissary 5 10% 2% Elected
Emissary 6 10% 2% Elected
Emissary 7 10% 2% Elected
Emissary 8 10% 2% Elected
Emissary 9 10% 2% Elected



Position Vote Income Candidacy
King 100% 100% King/Queen Can give away % of income to various positions.
  • Prince/Princess (must be Bloodline) - part of bloodline, automatic ranks and 1% income.
  • Duke/Duchess - Requires a gift of land and at least 1% of income
  • Marquess, Marchioness
  • Earl/Count, Countess
  • Viscount, Viscountess
  • Baron, Baroness
  • Lord/Lady - Requires a gift of Land
  • Knighted - title only Sir

This is a design for a single community owner


Position Vote Income Candidacy
Chancellor 100% 5% Appointed by Majority Lord Vote
9 Ministers 2% Appointed by Chancellor
Lord 50% Divided among the Lords

This is design for multiple owners in a community, Must be odd number of owners.