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Class (noun) 1. Your character’s class is his or her vocation. It determines what he or she is able to do: combat prowess, magical ability, skills, and more. Class is probably the first choice you make about your character—just ahead of race, or perhaps in conjunction with that decision. The class you choose determines where you should best place your character’s ability scores and suggests which races are best to support that class choice.

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Class (Account Level)

Class Source HD
1 Barbarian PHB D12
1 Cleric PHB D8
1 Commoner Custom D6
1 Scout CAd D8
1 Sorcerer PHB D4
2 Bard PHB
2 Factotum DS
Class Source HD
2 Fighter PHB
3 Ranger PHB
3 Monk
3 Favored Soul CD
3 Wizard PHB
4 Druid PHB
4 Ninja CAd
Class Source HD
5 Paladin PHB
5 Rogue PHB
6 Antipaladin
6 Artificar ECS
7 Soulknife EPSIHB
10 Psion PSI HB
10 Psychic Warrior PSI HB